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Cepp-Krafts Official Server Trailer

 We are a small survival/towny server running on PaperMC with primarily a Swedish playerbase but we can accommodate English as well! We are currently in a beta stage as we slowly role out the server, you are welcome to apply for staff should you meet the full requirements.

About our server


Towny, join Cepp-Kraft and build your own town! The longer you play, the more claim blocks you get. Build your own city, sell parts of your land for cash, build a tree farm, and watch the sunset from your brand new town that you have created! Create your own shops, you're in charge of your shops. You set your own price, you sell what you want to sell and buy a /warp to your own shop location! 

Survival servers too overwhelming for you?

 Here at Cepp-Kraft, our community is small and our gameplay is straightforward! Say goodbye to the toxicity as well, because our staff are quick to reprimand wrong-doers! 

Amazing Builds.

At Cepp-Kraft we all like to build, it all ranges from a simple medieval house to an enormous hotel!  Join the server and check out the most creative builds our players have built. Should you find yourself lost, why not use our friendly, like minded maps as you explore the server? Check it out at 

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